Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Most Watched TV Series Finales of all Time

Don't you hate when you make a TV show such a big part of your life that when the damn thing finally goes off for good you feel like you just lost a best friend? Don't act like you're above that feeling, we've all been there. Over the years I've watched a few shows that I'd probably change my work schedule just to accomodate it if it were to come back.

So I did a little research in my spare time today to see what the most watched series finales of all time were. There were a couple of these shows that surprised me, but I was more shocked by what didn't make it in the top ten. So here it is, the Top 10 Most Watched Series Finales.

1. M*A*S*H---No surprise here. Even the most watched Super Bowls hasn't knocked this show off it's perch. The final show had 105.94 million viewers.

2. Cheers--This show is a personal favorite, my all time favorite, to be exact. I own every season and I actually freakin' cried when it was over. Not a big cry, just a tear or two! It had 84.4 million viewers.

3. Seinfeld---Another hilarious sitcom. I wasn't a die hard fan, but got more into it after the third or fourth year. Remember the final episode, soooo many people were disappointed. I liked it, though. It had 76.3 million viewers.

4. Friends--This was a staple in a lot of households. I remember hearing people around the office talking about it in the breakroom. I never got into it, though. But not surprised to see it on this list. It was wildly popular. The finale drew in 52.46 million viewers.

5. Magnum P.I.--I loved this show. I think I loved the car and the beach scenery more than the actual show, but I still watch the re-runs from time to time. I was a bit surprised to see this one in the top ten. It had 50.7 million viewers.

6. The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson--Yep, the standard for everything that is late night talk show in America. Jay Leno, David Letterman...they don't hold a candle to Carson. I watched the last show and once again shed a tear for the end of an era. Late night hasn't been the same since. For a show that didn't come on until 11:30 at night, this drew in a staggering 50 million viewers while most people where asleep in their beds.

7. The Cosby Show--I watched this off an on while it was one. It was a funny show and Cosby always had a lot of class and witty humor. It had a great run and the last show drew in 44.4 million viewers.

8. All In the Family--This show was a bit before my time, but I watch the re-runs. It is humorous in a purposefully done politically incorrect way. The show touched on so many sensitive subjects but made people laugh at themselves for being just that...too sensitive. It drew in 40.2 million viewers.

9. Family Ties--Another fun show that I watched for the humor and whatever lesson could be taught to the teen characters as they were growing up in the 80's and the hippie parents still trying to figure out if they were doing it right. Fun show. Made Micheal J. Fox the star that he is. 36.3 million people tuned it to watch the last show.

10. Home Improvement--This was a funny show and I watched it from time to time. Surprised to see it in the top ten, but at least it had Pamela Anderson before too much plastic surgery. It had 35.5 million viewers.

I expected to see Dallas in that list, as well as Lost or perhaps Miami Vice.

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