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This Week in 1987--July 5th

Mark McGwire was the first rookie to ever hit 30 home runs before the All Star break. 
"Walk Like An Egyptian" by the Bangles was the number one song in America.
Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet Album" went number 1 in Australia.

And....the top 10 Movies of 1987 were:

Three Men and a Baby
Fatal Attraction
Beverly Hills Cop II
Good Morning, Vietnam
The Untouchables
The Secret of My Success
Lethal Weapon
Witches of Eastwick

Top 10 Hottest Girls of the 80's

10. Madonna---she was always a little minx in her videos, but once Open Your Heart aired on MTV that solidified her in my top ten list. If you haven’t seen that video then go check it out on YouTube. If you’re a guy and don’t see what I’m talking about then you need to reconsider your sexuality.

9. Demi Moore--yep, the very one that dropped Bruce Willis for a lesser being (Ashton Kutcher). She was a very sexy girl, still is. I remember her in movies like Wisdom, St. Elmo’s Fire. She went from being an 80’s babe to a modern day cougar. Well played, Demi.

8. Kim Basinger--If you are wondering what movie I’m thinking of to put her in this top ten list, then refer to Batman and 9 ½ Weeks. Still can’t figure it out? Check out The Natural, Blind Date, or Nadine? Still don’t see it. If not, you’re probably gay.

7. Brooke Shields---Everyone’s favorite controversial teen model from 1980 blossomed into a full grown hottie that is still just as sexy as she was in her early 20’s.

6. Tawney Kitaen--If you happened to miss her dancing around on Jaguar’s in the Whitesnake video (which meant you slept through the 80’s) then you might remember her from the Tom Hanks classic Bachelor Party. Unfortunately this 80’s hottie went a bit crazy in the 2000’s and went to jail for trying beat her ex-husband’s ass. However, a generation of young men that grew up in the 80’s thank you for hotness.

5. Phoebe Cates--She was in a few good movies during the decade. However, for most of us guys the pool scene is the only thing we can remember.

4. Heather Locklear--Not only did she fill out TV’s in the evening with those classic soap operas, but she was also on the walls of all of us guys that hung posters on our walls.

 3. Kelly LeBrock--Remember the cool movie Weird Science? Of course you do! And that is why she is on this top ten list. Ahhh, to have a computer that would build another one of her…

2. Paula Abdul--Long before American Idol, Paula was a Laker girl and then broke into the music profession and shared a killer pair of legs and a tight body in videos like Cold Hearted, Straight Up, and a few others. Cleavage…that’s what you are likely to remember. Oh, and hips that moved in all the right ways.

1. Jennifer Beals--Alas, I have to pay homage to the hottest girl of the 1980’s. I was never a fan of the movie Flashdance, but how could you not watch that woman shake around. This woman guaranteed that any woman wearing a welder’s uniform would have a group of guys lined up to hold the door open for her. Thanks for the off-the-shoulder shirts, Jennifer. Call me!!

With A Rebel Yell...

Good morning 80’s fans! One of the coolest rock stars of the 80’s, William Michael Albert Broad, was born in 1955. Although he is 56 years old he still puts on a heck of a live show. Broad was a staple on MTV and his videos were played in heavy rotation and you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing one of his hits.

He first achieved fame in the late 70’s with the punk scene as a member of Generation X. This punk rocker was one of a kind, even being kicked out of the Boy Scouts at the age of ten for making out with girls a bit too excessively for his age.

Of course we know William Broad for his sneer, spiked hair and cool videos like Rebel Yell, White Wedding, Mony Mony, and Flesh for Fantasy. His name is from a bad paper he made in school. In the margin his teacher had written a short note to his parents: "Billy is Idle".

However, it was the original recording of Dancing With Myself with Generation X that launched his solo career. I will give you three guesses as to what that Billy Idol hit was about but you probably only need one.

Bull Durham...A Classic!

This is the time of year when baseball takes center stage. I love this time of year. The 80’s had its fair share of baseball movies. Bull Durham was one of my favorites. Named for the Durham Bulls of the Carolina league, Kevin Costner’s character was named after real-life minor league player Lawrence “Crash” Davis who played in the 1930’s.

An interesting point to note that die hard baseball fans might have picked up on. Some of the teams they played in the movie such as Greensboro (the famous rain out scene) and Fayetteville were not part of the Carolina League. They were in fact part of the South Atlantic League. In reality the Bulls would not have played them.

The soudtrack included one heck of a cool song from the 80’s, Centerfield” by John Fogerty.

In my book "The Ultimate 80's" I include a section on songs/soundtracks from 80's movies. In the 80's, if you didn't have a cool song to go along with the movie, then you didn't have a cool movie. Case in point...Hazy Shade of Winter by the Bangles for the movie Less Thank Zero. Cool movie, cool song.

I was surprised to find out that "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin for the movie Top Gun was not in the top ten songs from soundtracks in the 80's. You can find the list of top ten in my book.

But in the meantime come on over to Facebook and have some fun with all of us Children of the 80's at www.facebook.com/80sfanpage

So, what are your favorite songs from movie soundtracks in the 80's?

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