Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Americans!

The Americans, the newest show on FX, is a breath of fresh air for viewers who are tired of and turned off by the endless and mindless number of reality TV shows. Finally a show that highlights mystery and intrigue on a weekly basis. If you haven’t been following the show so far I suggest you set your DVR Wednesday nights and enjoy this roller coaster of international espionage.

This show is set in the early 1980’s and features a married couple with two young kids. By day they seem like just another ordinary American family living in the suburbs of D.C. However, they were trained in Russia to be spies in America, to blend in with the culture, to raise children like every other family, and to conduct deadly high level espionage when instructed by their bosses from Moscow. In the second episode their task was to plant a bug inside the home of the Secretary of Defense.

 So what’s next and where will their loyalties ultimately lie as they are torn between the commitment to their homeland and their two kids and life in America. Give this show a chance and you’ll likely not be disappointed.

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