Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Comedy by Alderwood

Stressed out, burned out, and divorced, J.D. is in dire need of a change of pace. When his father dies it is his one chance to throw caution to the wind, to hit the open road, on the trip of a lifetime that his dad had planned for him before kicking the bucket. After accidentally pissing off the mob in Atlantic City, J.D., Pete and Sarah blaze a trail across country that lands them in one crazy adventure after another.

Cyrus Alderwood presents a trio of characters in this boisterous comedy that readers can take to heart. He continues on with his unconventional style in this slapstick comedy for the ages. The wit and charm of the characters take you on a journey that touches on the philosophical meaning of life while the story leaves you craving more. 

Those who buy the paperback version get the Kindle version FREE.

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